Become a Notary Signing Agent​

Our suite of courses teaches you everything you need to know about starting a new career as a notary signing agent, including marketing and running your business.
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The average annual pay of a Notary Signing Agent in the United States1
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Notary Signing Agent Academy

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  • One-time Fee
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 4 Core Courses
  • Notary Signing Agent Academy Certification
  • 3 Free Bonus Courses
  • Signing Company Database
  • Online Community
  • Free Updates

Who's the Notary Signing Agent Academy for?​

Current Notaries

Current notaries can use their notary commission to become a Notary Signing Agent


If you’re not a notary yet we’ll show you how to get a notary commission in your state so that you can become a Notary Signing Agent

Gig Workers

If you’re working in the gig economy then becoming a Notary Signing Agent will help you earn more money for your time.

Everything Included in the Notary Signing Agent Academy:

You won’t just get one notary signing agent class. The Notary Signing Agent Academy is a suite of courses to help you get started quickly.

Course #1: Notary Public 101

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This fundamental notary training course provides an introduction to the history of the role of a notary public as well as the most commonly-performed notarial acts for Notary Signing Agents.

  • This is a great head-start if you’re not a notary yet.
  • But if you are, it helps make sure you’re ready for the content in the next course…

Course #2: Signing Agent Success Secrets

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This notary signing agent course teaches how to start and market your Loan Signing Agent business for your future career.
  • What specific supplies you need to carry in your notary bag so you won’t be missing something important when you’re at a signing.
  • How to set up your home office for success so you can meet signing companies’ deadlines.
  • How and when to reach out to companies that hire Loan Signing Agents, including email and phone scripts that get them to notice you so that they want to start working with you and give you loan signings.
  • How to get your first signing easily so that you can earn your first income quickly and be inspired to keep growing your business.
  • How to reach out to signing services, title companies, escrow agents, banks, and lenders to get loan signing jobs
  • How to set up your successful signing agent business

Course #3: The Perfect Signing Method

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This notary signing agent course teaches how to conduct a perfect signing, even if it’s your first one.
  • You’ll learn about the most common types of signings (eight different types) so you’ll know what’s expected of you in each signing appointment and not get caught off guard with any surprises.
  • We’ll show you how to get the signing appointment so you start filling your calendar with money-getting meetings, and once you do…
  • We’ll show you what to say when you reach out to the signer so you’ll be cool as a cucumber and confident at the appointment.
  • You’ll learn how to print the documents before you take them to the signing location so that everything is ready for the signers to sign.
  • And we’ll even teach you how to dress for success as a Notary Signing Agent so that you look professional and not surprise the signers by showing up looking like you’re going to a 1992 Guns N’ Roses concert.
  • You’ll learn what to say to the signer after you knock on their door so that the signing can start quickly.
  • And the entire process for what to do once you’re inside so that you can complete the signing quickly and perfectly.
  • Quick signings mean you can fit more signings into your day, which will earn you more money.
  • And perfect signings mean you’ll impress signing companies so that they give you more signings.
  • Did you know there’s a seating chart that helps the signing flow quickly? We do, and that’s also included.
  • We’ll also show you 60+ common documents, teach you what they are, and what you should say to the signer when you present them.
  • You’ll also learn how to avoid giving legal advice so you don’t get into trouble.

Course #4: Privacy Protection Path

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This notary signing agent course teaches the basics of protecting the privacy of your clients.
  • There can be legal consequences to not handling the private information in loan documents properly.
  • Think about all of the information on real estate loan documents: Name, Address, Social Security Number, Income, and a lot more.
  • You’re required to protect all of this information.
  • This course puts you on the right path to protecting that privacy so that you know that you’re doing everything you can to protect the privacy of your signers.

Notary Signing Agent Academy Certification

You’ll earn the Notary Signing Agent Academy Certification after completing all four courses and passing our certification exam.

  • This certification will help show signing companies that want to hire you that you know your stuff.

But how do you find signing companies?

We’ve found them for you.

Signing Company Database

We’ll provide you with a list of almost 600 signing companies that work with Notary Signing Agents to help get you started with finding work. The best part about the list is that you and other students can leave reviews, so you’ll know which companies are best (or worst) to work with.


And you won't be studying alone...

We’ll be there to help you if you get stuck, but you’ll also get access to our exclusive online student community.

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Online Student Community

This is where you can meet, greet, and share strategies with other students in the course. We’ll pop in occasionally, but this is a place for you and the other students. And the best thing is that this community is hosted on our website so you won’t need to go to Facebook or other third-party platforms.

But we didn't stop there...

We wanted to increase your chances of success so we created three free bonus courses.

Free Bonus Course #1: NNA NSA Certification Exam Prep

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This course will prepare you to take the Notary Signing Agent exam offered by the National Notary Association to receive this valuable certification.

  • The Notary Signing Agent Certification from the National Notary Association is a well-respected certification that is required by some signing companies.
  • The certification process is a background check and an open-book exam.
  • It doesn’t include anything about starting or running a notary business like our certification does, but having it can help you get more signings so we’ve included exam prep materials to help you if you want to obtain this additional certification.

Free Bonus Course #2: Mobile Notary Income Maximizer

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Notary Signing Agents can find additional sources of income by performing other mobile notary services. Some states even have opportunities to add other services to your mobile business. Learn what other services other successful Loan Signing Agents provide to increase their income.

Free Bonus Course #3: Smart Side Hustle Empire

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Some states have opportunities to add non-notary services to your mobile business. Learn what other services other Notary Signing Agents provide to increase their income.

  • And this course can also help you find ways to earn extra income to fund your new notary business.

I know you’re probably wondering why we priced the Notary Signing Agent Academy so low.

Comparable courses sell for up to $500 or more.And that’s for just one course, not an entire suite of courses like our program.We’ve priced our course low because even though we’ve trained over 30,000 notaries delivering state-required notary training in California and Colorado over the last ten years, the Notary Signing Agent Academy is a brand-new product.So we don’t have testimonials, case studies, or reviews yet.But we’ll raise our price once we get them, so this is your opportunity to join now at an amazing launch discount.

And, if you qualify, you can split the investment up over multiple payments if you choose PayPal Pay Later at checkout.

"I love this training. It taught me everything I needed to know about how to become a successful Certified Notary Signing Agent."
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You, from the future
Certified Notary Signing Agent

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

All our training has a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. In other words, if you aren’t happy, just let us know, and we’ll give you your money back. It doesn’t matter if you contact us 29 minutes or 29 days after your purchase: you’ll get your money back. There’s one exception: we can’t refund you if you complete the entire certification. That’s because they are issued digitally and can’t be revoked. I know you’re not the type of person who would try to get a certification for free this way, but some people are, so we had to add this exception. But you can complete all seven training courses, see all of our content, and get a refund. Just don’t take the certification exam.

Lifetime Access With Free Updates

We’ve tried to include everything needed for you to be successful, but we’ll add or change content if our students get stuck.

And you’ll get that new content for free.

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Enroll now and start learning how to become a better Notary Signing Agent. With our comprehensive suite of notary signing agent courses, you’ll gain all the knowledge to run your business successfully and provide quality service to your clients. Don’t wait; sign up now and start your Notary Signing Agent career today!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have full access to the course for as long as it’s available (which should be a very long time ) There’s no enrollment deadline or course closing date.

Yes, the information in the Notary Signing Agent Academy is able to be used in every state.

Absolutely! This is not a “drip style” course where content opens up on a weekly basis. There is, however, an order that you must complete the courses in because the content builds on each other.

Notary Loan Signing Agent Academy is a comprehensive suite of courses designed to help you become a successful Notary Signing Agent. The Academy covers everything from starting your business, mastering the loan signing process, and learning how to maximize income. It’s designed to give you a comprehensive set of skills that will help you be successful in your career and provide quality services to your customers. The Academy covers all the topics related to becoming a Notary Signing Agent.

We think so, or we wouldn’t have created it. Each professional course in our notary education is designed to help you become the best notary signing agent and run a successful signing agent business.

Yes, you’ll earn your Notary Signing Agent Academy Certified Signing Agent Certification after completing the main four courses and completing the certification exam. Our program is a complete certification solution. And you can take our notary exam as many times as you need.

We offer a mix of video instruction, training videos, and text-based online training. We think that different training formats are better for different topics, so we use the best format for the presented information.

You’ll need the notary supplies required by your state, which is usually a notary stamp/notary seal, and a notary journal. In addition you’ll need some specific office supplies like post-it notes, pens, paperclips, etc. You’ll also need a mobile phone, printer, scanner (or a scanner app on your phone), and a car.

Yes, you can take our Notary Signing Agent training course in your spare time. Many Notary Signing Agents even conduct loan signings in their spare time.

As a Loan Signing Agent, your notary commission has the potential to make you a great deal of extra money—typically ranging from \$75 and \$200. By using these skills wisely, Loan Signing Agents can be rewarded with significant financial gains!

This process can take a couple of weeks up to several months, depending on where you live. It depends on your state’s notary application process. Some states have longer processes than others, and some process applications more quickly than others. It’s the only part of the process that you can’t control.

Depending on which of these you already have, the total cost to get started can be less than $500.  Some of the costs depend on your state’s fees to become a notary and state and signing company requirements (like bonds or insurance). So I’m not saying that it definitely will be less than $500. I don’t know what state you’re in or what you already have. I just know that it can be less than $500 in the best circumstances, especially if you already have a car, mobile phone, and printer. 

NNA was established in 1957 and is known nationally and internationally by notaries as outstanding advocates for ethical best practices in the notary industry.

We wouldn’t have built the program if we didn’t think so. Try us out and see if you agree. We have a 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy as long as you don’t complete the entire program and receive the certification in that time.

The first is our price. Many other programs cost hundreds of dollars. The second is we felt other programs were missing valuable information and resources while throwing in extra things that aren’t needed to justify their higher cost. We don’t have any time-wasters and get to the point quickly.

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Source: ZipRecruiter, accessed January 11, 2023.

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