How to Become a Notary Public in Idaho

Do you want to join the ranks of professionals and become a notary in Idaho?

Being a Notary Public is an important role and comes with many responsibilities.

You will be responsible for accurately witnessing, verifying, and authenticating legal documents as part of your job!

Becoming a notary in the state of Idaho requires that you follow certain steps since specific qualifications must be met.

This guide will walk you through each step to becoming a professional Notary Public within Idaho.

To become a notary public in Idaho, you must meet the following Idaho notary requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent legal resident
  • Be a resident of or have a place of employment or place of practice in Idaho
  • Be able to read and write
  • Not be disqualified from receiving a notary commission under Idaho code or Idaho statutes.

How do I become a notary public in Idaho?

Here is the application process:

Step 1: Get a $10,000 Notary Bond. In Idaho, you must obtain a surety bond before you can be appointed as a notary. The surety bond protects any party that is harmed as the result of your negligence as a notary.

Step 2: Complete the online application. Print it out and get it notarized by an Idaho notary public

Step 3: Submit the application. Include the original bond and a $30 fee and send it to the Idaho Secretary of State for processing.

Is notary training required to become a notary in Idaho?

No, training is not required to become a Notary Public in Idaho. However, once you become a Notary Public, you must understand the duties and responsibilities of being a notary to perform your job correctly. To help you with this process, a free Idaho notary training course is offered by the Secretary of State’s office on the state website.

Is a notary exam required to become a notary in Idaho?

No notary exam is required to become a notary in Idaho.

Is a notary bond required to become a notary in Idaho?

Yes, a notary bond is required to receive a notary comission in Idaho. The surety bond must be for at least $10,000 and must be issued by an authorized surety company.

Is a notary errors and omissions insurance policy required to become an Idaho notary?

No, errors and omissions insurance is not required to become an Idaho notary. However, it is highly recommended that you purchase a policy as a form of risk management to protect yourself and your business from any legal fees that may arise from mistakes or negligence while performing your duties as a notary.

Does Idaho require a notary stamp?

Yes, Idaho requires that you purchase and use a rubber stamp seal (notary stamp) while performing your duties as a Notary Public. The stamp must include the notary public’s name and other required information and is to be imprinted on the notarial certificate when completing a notarial act.

Is a notary journal required in Idaho?

No, Idaho does not require you to maintain a journal or log book. However, it is highly recommended that you keep records of all your notarial acts.

How long is the term of a notary public commission in Idaho?

The term of a notary commission in Idaho is six years.

How can I renew my notary commission in Idaho?

It’s just as simple to renew your commission as when you initially applied for it. As a rule of thumb, begin the application process at least 90 days before its expiration date. You’ll also need to purchase a new rubber stamp seal that displays this updated expiry date from your new notary certificate.

How long does it take to become a notary in Idaho?

Obtaining your Notary Public commission can take anywhere between two to four weeks, depending on how soon you can make yourself available and the Secretary of State’s processing times.

What notarial acts can Idaho notaries perform?

Idaho notaries public have the authority to perform the following notarial acts:

  • Taking acknowledgments
  • Witnessing signatures
  • Verification upon oath or affirmation (jurat)
  • Administering oaths
  • Certify copies of a record

Can I perform remote online notarizations in Idaho?

Yes, Idaho does allow remote online notarizations. To be eligible for a remote online notarization, you must register with the Idaho Secretary of State and comply with all the necessary requirements and regulations regarding electronic notarial acts. Electronic notaries must also keep an electronic record journal and secure communication technology that allows for notarizing for a remotely located individual.

How much can an Idaho notary public charge for performing notarial acts?

Notaries in Idaho are allowed to charge a fee of up to $5 per notarization. If the signer is willing, an additional expense may be added for traveling purposes; however, this should not go beyond what would reasonably be expected.

Can an Idaho notary public become a notary signing agent?

Yes, Idaho notaries can become notary signing agents. As stated above, becoming a Notary Signing Agent can significantly increase your earnings; however, to become one, you should complete additional training and certification in the procedures for completing documents related to loan closings and other real estate transactions.

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